Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter

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2018 Employee of the 2nd Quarter - Mia Tompkins

Position: Case Manager

BAYS Office Location: Orlando

Mia has been with BAYS for eight years, serving the youth and families as a Case Manager in the Orlando area through the Circuit 9 JDAP office. Mia has become known for her passion and enthusiasm for helping the youth she serves and assisting them in seeing themselves as valuable, worthy, and capable of success. This is demonstrated as she nominates the most youth for the circuit’s All-Star Award, a way for her to highlight the wonderful things accomplished by the youth she serves. 

Her supervisor states, “She is always looking for ways to recognize her kids and praise their accomplishments.”
Mia received two separate entries, nominating her for Employee of the Quarter, both of which were supported by parent-submitted letters of appreciation, describing the many ways that Mia has helped their child and their families succeed at a time when the family struggled to feel hopeful for positive change. Mia’s ability to help calm a parent’s fears and anxieties, to inspire a youth to see their own potential is evidenced by the positive feedback received from parents who have participated in JDAP alongside their child. Mia exemplifies professionalism, dedication, and compassion as a Case Manager and we are very happy to recognize her as the BAYS Employee of the 2nd Quarter.
Congratulations, Mia!

2018 Employee of the 1st Quarter - Erika Edwards

Position: Senior Case Manager

BAYS Office Location: Lake City

BAYS is very pleased to recognize Erika Edwards as 2018 1st Employee of the Quarter. Erika has been with BAYS for nearly 4 years and although she is “Circuit 3” she is also an amazing team member to her Circuit 8 colleagues and anyone who reaches out to her. Erika regularly assists other circuits with language barriers, being on the phone with both parties to complete an intake or monthly visit to ensure the client and case manager are both on the same page.

In this quarter Erika received 5 nominations, 4 from her Circuit 8 colleagues and one from a Circuit 3 JPO. All her nominations emphasized how well respected and trusted she is in the community. Being the only person covering Circuit 3 (consisting of 7 Counties) would be daunting for most but not Erika. She is a one woman show in Circuit 3 where she also is regularly over 100% utilization. She regularly attends court in the counties she covers and is on a first name basis with the circuit officials who truly value her feedback and have confidence in her to work with the youth referred to JDAP.

Erika exhibits dedication, compassion, honesty, loyalty and professionalism in all that she does. Although Erika is extremely busy she still helps out to train new staff in Circuit 8 and will ask for help when she needs it. Erika is an exemplary Case Manager and invaluable part of the team.
Congratulations Erika!

2017 Employee of the Year

Position: Case Manager/Consulting Clinician

BAYS Office Location: Orlando/Melbourne

BAYS is very pleased to recognize Angel Samms as the 2017 Employee of the Year. Angel has been a Case Manager with BAYS since 2010. Angel recently completed her Master’s program and was promoted to Consulting Clinician in Circuit 18 as well as serving as Case Manager in Circuit 9. While finishing her master program and since, she’s been a tremendous help to Consulting Clinician, Chris Deas, by facilitating and cofacilitating classes while still carrying her full case load. She received 2 nominations during this quarter both from coworkers who said she goes above and beyond not just for her families and the kids we serve but for her colleagues as well. She regularly volunteers to help a fellow case manager in an emergency or schedule conflict to ensure there is no delay in meeting with a family and setting them up for success in JDAP. Angel also has a great attitude, caring personality and patience. Her work and dedication are what helped catapult circuit 9 into a good QI this last year. She has such dedication, confidence and excels in what she does and yet doesn’t expect to be recognized for her efforts, it’s just her personality.

Angel is a very valued member of the Circuit 9 and 18 teams. Congratulations on her recent degree and on being selected as the BAYS latest Employee of the Year. Congratulations, Angel!